Our practice is named Language.Architecture.Body (LAB), these are our foundational design beliefs. Operating between the Narrative, the Built and its Habitation; we work towards creating the potential for experiences. We imagine the embodiment of the construct; in the form of conversations, smells, creation, healing of a conflict…  Our design solutions are informed by the design instinct and intuition we feel in the first moments of the journey. Dialoguing with the spirit of the space, our solutions are innately sustainable. The materials available in immediate proximity and the hands of the makers of the project are an integral consideration in the design process. Elements of joy infuse the details of our work.

L.A.B. (Language.Architecture.Body) is a laboratory for crafting Architecture. Projects are navigated with poetic sensibility, scientific rigour and human purpose.

We know that a straight line is not the most efficient and that flat is not the most stable.

Staying centered, we are outside the circle.

Principal Architect

Shonan Purie Trehan is the founder and principal of L.A.B. After completing her Bachelor of Architecture, from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in USA, she worked at Eisenmen Architects in New York City. She went on to work on various institutional and cultural projects at Le Groupe Arcop, Montreal and Arcop Associates, New Delhi. In 2008, she completed her Masters in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Built Environment, London, UK, with a focus in Advanced Architectural Design.


The Architecture studio took seed in Mumbai in late 2010. It has grown into a vibrant practice of 20 bright Architect. The team works through design strategies in a collaborative process, pooling together extensive knowledge.

  • Shonan Purie Trehan
  • Dhwani Yashesh Shah
  • Maitri Mehta
  • Saumin Lad
  • Dhwani P. Shah
  • Vatsal Bharmani
  • Trupti Jadhav
  • Manali Patil
  • Gayatri Khedkar
  • Pranjal Dalvi
  • Amishi Lekhadia
  • Anjaly Teresa Joseph
  • Sanjana Nair
  • Gaurang Pawar
  • Harsh Kumar Gupta
  • Sagarika Sengupta
  • Riya Yadav
  • Rishabh Shaha
  • Nidhi Jain
  • Deepak Utsure
  • Ashok Chouhan